Yoni Mapping

Yoni mapping and the female orgasm by Aleena Aspley Brisbane


by Aleena Aspley

Yoni Awakening Bodywork

“la petite mort” or “the little death”


In French, the orgasm is also called “the little death.” For me personally, my experience of orgasm. is the feeling that I am blissfully floating in a continuous, intense, wave after wave of perfect joy and happiness. I completely lose track of time, I fully surrender my ego and thoughts and I feel at one with everything that is. My experience is pure ecstasy, delight, elation, euphoria and sublime joy.

Every woman carries within herself the potential for timeless ecstasy. It is our feminine birthright to experience divine limitless ecstasy. A mind blowing orgasm, is not a secret to which some women have access and others don’t. Great sex can be learned and through holistic Yoni mapping and womb healing bodywork, every woman has the opportunity to learn to experience many different kinds of orgasms. This happens once a woman focuses her attention on herself, her desires, is open and ready to awaken her potential, inner beauty, truth and divinity.





Problems reaching orgasm is often linked to emotional issues, society beliefs and religion that close a women’s sexuality down, genital scarring, hormonal issues, a need to be in control, the inability to let go and surrender, a background of sexual or emotional abuse and suppressed or unprocessed injuries which causes Yoni pain, dryness and tension.

Holistic Yoni Mapping, with a certified professional intimate body-worker, can heal injuries and trauma, remove blockages that holds a woman back from feeling pleasure and create space for new and pleasant experiences of bliss to arise.

Female Pleasure Map Your PotentialThe body’s defenses can also inhibit orgasm. Human bodies can build a protective muscle armour which protects us from painful stimuli, feelings and the experience of orgasm. The stronger our body armour, the less we are able to feel pleasure, have healthy sexual responses, spontaneity and a healthy libido.

Removal of the body armour allows our feminine bodies to have a free and flexible body structure, we can experience more love, desire, joy, a healthy libido and sexual fulfillment.

Stong vaginal muscles also help a women to experience orgasm, so I also recommend training of the pelvic floor through taking a yoga class, Tai Chi, Qigong, and belly dancing.


Yoni Crystal Egg

Yoni Egg

Another way to strengthen the vaginal muscles is to purchase a yoni egg which can significantly increase a women’s ability to feel and awaken to orgasm. When you practice with a Yoni Egg, you engage the muscles of the vagina and the pelvic floor, and bring awareness to your sexual organs. Your brain starts to create new neuron connections correlated with these areas of the body. New nerve endings form directly in the tissue, which in turn increases vaginal sensitivity.

It takes many small steps to experience and open our female body to experience more pleasure, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We must consciously give ourselves permission, and be open to our body’s sexual healing process, before we begin our orgasmic awakening journey.

Yoni Mapping and Holistic Womb Healing is very important to me personally, since sensual relaxation touches the innermost parts of womanhood.

Also check out https://karmatantric.com/yoni-egg-guide/

Yoni Mapping

Aleena Aspley Australia

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Ms. Aleena Aspley (1st July 2017)

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Yoni Mapping


Yoni Mapping

Aleena Aspley Australia